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yay! the script was easier to write than i expected (to clone my existing blog to prose.sh and fix relative links)

basically, i just have to replace anything that looks like [ATinyGame](/ATinyGame) with [ATinyGame](https://johanv.net/ATinyGame/)

i do this by finding the ](/ part, which is between the link text and the URL of the original

then i replace it with ](https://johanv.net/, which preserves both the link text and the rest of the URL

repeat this for all files in the blog directory, putting the output in the prose.sh directory

entire script

 6for file in $IN/*.md; do
 7  echo "cat $file | sed 's,](/,]('$BASEURL',g' > $OUT/`basename $file`"
 8  cat $file | sed 's,](/,]('$BASEURL',g' > $OUT/`basename $file`
11scp $OUT/*.md prose.sh:/
12scp $OUT/_styles.css prose.sh:/

now all the links on here are fixed :] and all i have to do when i change something on my site is rerun that script which also uploads the posts to prose.sh

note: this post (and this one and this one) are only on prose.sh, which i did by editing them directly in the output folder, so i have to make sure not to delete that folder and regenerate it, or these will be missing

update: made the script better