Identity Reflection (a Poem I Wrote at Bridge DC)

on johanv's blog

This is copied from my journal that I kept during Bridge DC in summer 2019. More info about Bridge DC.

I thought I heard my name called in the babbling crowd,
but it was just an echo.
I thought I saw my face reflected in the shifting mass,
but it was just an illusion.
I thought I sensed my purpose in the wavering sea,
but it was just a manifesto.

I took a pause to listen and be still,
Away from the voices pulling me every direction but upward.
But I hear the music playing, empty of purpose,
demanding my attention, distracting my mind from listening.
The music, being temporary, fades away,
and the listening continues, taking its time.

Look back and see the memories to be grateful for,
and the mistakes to be learned from.
Look around and feel the peace to rest in,
and the lingering tension to resolve.
Look forward and envision the dreams to follow,
and the suffering to endure with joy.